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Lavender Bee Armor

Lavender is an herbal scent for the ages, and thus, needs zero introductions. Perfect as a soothing balm, or as a bit of relaxing aromatherapy whenever you want to de-stress.

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Bee Armor Hard Lotion provides a thin, emollient barrier of moisture, but without being sticky or greasy. Made with beeswax from our sources in Texas, Virginia, Oregon, and Colorado, this hard lotion is created to help your skin combat and heal from the elements, and the rigors of hard work. It can also double as a lip balm or even hard perfume stick. Oooo la la!

Bee Armor Hard Lotion is handcrafted with: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, essential oil, and/or cosmetic-grade fragrance.

Please note: Bee Armor can melt in extreme temperatures, so open upright at all times! Once back to a reasonable temperature, it will return to a solid state.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Bee Armor Scents

4 reviews for Lavender Bee Armor

  1. Marilyn B.

    This Bee Armor is the perfect gift for myself. From all of the hand washing this year Deb has put together a lotion that makes my hands feel soft but not greasy. I love this product and that it’s natural and homemade. I also like to support small businesses so why not buy from Hop & Hen? Again the packaging is just so sweet. If you haven’t tried any of Hop & Hen’s products then take a look at the website.

  2. Gretchen W.

    I want everyone to know how amazing this miracle lotion is while making sure it doesn’t sell out so there’s more for me. Once the world catches on, I may have a problem. I keep this by my laptop at work during Zoom meetings to manage my ADHD while keeping my hands soft and fissure-free. And next to my favorite chair at home. And in my purse. And on my nightstand. And in my overnight bag. I’m not even kidding. Yeah. So don’t buy it, please.

  3. Jennifer Holmes

  4. Lisa C.

    I never experienced bee armor until I ordered from Hop & Hen Farm – what a JOY it is!

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