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Solid Dish Soap

Are You Ready for an Eco-Swap?
Ditch your plastic bottles of liquid dish soap forever!

Our Solid Dish Soap is a perfect alternative to petrol-chemicals and harsh factory-made detergents found in typical dish-washing liquids.

This special version of Annie Goat Soap is made with ingredients you actually know and can pronounce! To use, either swirl a wet sponge or cloth (or better yet, our Cotton Dish Mop!) on your soap, then use directly on dishes, pans and glassware, or make a thick lather of the soap, and add to the water bath to create a sink full of bubbles for washing.

Gentle on your own skin, this soap rinses clean, leaves no residue, and is even tough on grease and oil.

The Solid Dish Soap comes in a reusable/recyclable tin

Care Tips: Keep your soap as dry as you can between uses, so it lasts as long as possible. Leave the lid off your tin between uses the soap has a chance to dry, or even store it on one of our Soap Dishes!



  • Solid Dish Soap is 2.5 ounce, presented in an aluminum tin with lid
  • Reuse your soap tin by installing your next solid soap, or simply recycle

Annie Goat Soap is handcrafted using pure ingredients, thoughtful scenting and raw goat milk from our small farm. Our dish soaps are specially formulated to be tough on dirty dishes, but gentle on your hands.

Ingredients: Annie Goat Hard Dish Soap is made with our own dairy goat milk; olive oil, organic coconut oil, rice bran oil, castor oil; sodium hydroxide, stearic acid, salt, sugar, and essential oils and/or cosmetic grade fragrance oils.

Our products are small-batch, preservative-free, and never tested on animals. Keep soap dry between uses so it lasts as long as possible.

Weight 6 oz
Solid Dish Soaps

Orange Clove, Farm Fresh

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