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Chicken Eggs

Important Note: Please keep your purchase to 2 dozen or less

While we are thrilled we can provide eggs to our neighbors, we are a *small* farm, not a commercial farm. This means we don’t collect a TON of eggs each day. If you purchase too many, it means another neighbor may get none. 🙁  We appreciate your understanding and your help in making sure everyone gets to enjoy our chicken gifts.

Our chickens are some of the happiest and healthiest you’ll ever see! It’s likely that when you’re here getting eggs or visiting our shop, you’ll see several of them running about!

Our chickens are pastured, meaning they hop out of their coops first thing in the morning and can wander our entire property from sun-up to sundown. This means they are eating all the things that are natural to their diet, plus they are taking in fresh air and sunshine, just as they should.

Our chickens are offered a mix of high-grade conventional and organic feed and snacks, and their health and condition is very important to us. This care shows in their eggs, both in taste and their bright color. We don’t use antibiotics or steroids of any kind.

It’s worth noting that not all of our hens lay eggs; some have slowed down and are in “retirement”, but they are all special to us, so they remain here living their best life. We have some hens that are 9 years of age, and *still* provide an egg or two every week or so. To us, they are beloved creatures who enjoy a symbiotic life here on our farm.


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Eggs from Hop & Hen Farm are collected daily, and refrigerated to guarantee freshness, and because the State of Illinois requires us to. They should last in your fridge at least a month.


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