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First Leaf Annie Goat Soap

If you’ve ever walked a forest path in the early spring, when it’s chilly, but starting to emerge in leaves and blooms, this Annie Goat Soap will remind you of that moment. With touches of airy fir and pine, you’ll also catch notes of crushed leaves, a bit of basil, and the slightest hint of vanilla. The bands of olive green seem to be wrapped in blue sky and white fluffy clouds.

Blended into this fresh soap is spirulina and alfalfa powders, and activated charcoal, bringing you lather that can aid in gently exfoliating your skin. A beautiful bar in the shower or sink-side, this is a perfect soap for guys and gals alike.

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Annie Goat Soap is handcrafted using pure ingredients, thoughtful scenting and raw goat milk from our small farm in Illinois. Our soaps are rustic and rough-hewn, making them uniquely imperfect in appearance, and delightfully bubbly and luxurious when used for cleansing!  Hand-blended in small batches, we believe in handling the soap as little as possible, so after cutting and curing, they are wrapped up, arriving to you, ready to get to work cleaning your skin!

Ingredients: Annie Goat Soap is made with our own raw organic dairy goat milk; olive oil, organic coconut oil, castor oil; lard, sodium hydroxide, tussah silk, Himalayan salt; essential oils, cosmetic-grade, phthalate-free fragrance oils, micas, and dioxide pigments.  Additional or fewer ingredients noted on packaging and in each soap’s description. Our products are preservative-free, and never tested on animals.

Weight 4 oz
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