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Lavender Eucalyptus Castile

A soap made using centuries-old wisdom: use only a small number of ingredients and let the soap age for at least six months. Once cured, what presents is a bar of soap that is as kind and gentle to your skin as possible.

Our Lavender Eucalyptus Castile is made with just 5 items: olive oil, our raw goat milk, sodium hydroxide, and lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. Its limited ingredients give this soap an lightly aromatic and dense lather of ultra-soft, lotion-y bubbles. Olive oil alone is reputed to have tremendous benefits for the skin, and coupled with our goat milk (loaded with butterfats and caprylic acid), it makes for an even better bar than ordinary factory made Castile. Naturally packed with skin-pampering fats and alphahydroxies, vitamins A, B6/12 and E, and antioxidants/anti-inflammatory properties, your skin will enjoy a luxurious, gentle, non-drying cleanse.

Recommended for the most sensitive skin.


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Annie Goat Soap is handcrafted using pure ingredients, thoughtful scenting and raw goat milk from our small farm in northern Illinois. Our soaps are rustic and rough-hewn, making them uniquely imperfect in appearance, and perfectly bubbly and luxurious when used for cleansing!  Hand blended in small batches, we believe in handling the soap as little as possible, so after cutting and curing, they are wrapped in recycled paper, arriving to you, ready to get to work cleaning your skin!

Ingredients: Annie Goat Lavender Eucalyptus Castile is made with our own organic dairy goat milk; olive oil, sodium hydroxide, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.

This product is small-batch, cruelty and preservative-free, and never tested on animals.

Weight 6 oz

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