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Flouncy Aprons

Once upon a time, the apron was a staple across the country, hanging from hooks and door knobs in every kitchen. Back in the day, people laundered clothing less frequently, so whatever they were wearing needed to get multiple wears before the laborious task of clothes-washing took place. Enter the trusty apron. It served as a practical way to protect the wearer’s clothes from the rigors of the home and the farm.

While I know several people who wear them today, I’m willing to bet many people don’t wear an apron, but that should change! They’re the perfect item to quickly dress up a mediocre outfit, (like when you have to answer the door unexpectedly!), but more importantly, when you’re cooking up a storm or quickly gathering some eggs, you’ll want to keep your nice outfit from being…flocked. Seriously, there are many reasons to wear one, and I hope you share yours, but in the meantime, let’s tell you about these ones.

Made with both new and reclaimed fabric and notions, each of these aprons is made with special adornments and details. One of a kind, your apron has been carefully designed to be functional, durable and stylish.

  • All full aprons feature a sturdy bodice so it holds up well without sagging
  • All have at least one pocket
  • All feature waist ties, and some have either neck ties or an adjustable neck strap, so you can tailor the fit to your liking
  • All give you a little protection from whatever task you’re undertaking
  • All are machine washable


  • Constructed in cotton and/or cotton twill blend
  • Tying neckties measure approximately 23″ length each, others are adjustable by sliding
  • Waistband and ties extend approximately 95″ total
  • Machine wash/dry in cold or warm water
  • Use only color-safe bleach to maintain patterns through washings
  • Sized to fit most, but not all people
  • Perfect gift for: housewarming, wedding, hostess gift, holiday gift, birthday present, BFF gift

Please note: Patterns shown are limited to what you see pictured.

Weight 5 oz
Apron Pattern

Flowers & Polka Dots – Half Apron, Life Is Beautiful, Paris & Polka Dots, Royal Roos, Zsa Zsa


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