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Cotton Dish Mop

Makes Dish-washing Far More Fun and Eco-friendly!

Preserve that manicure! This cotton dish mop is perfect for cleaning dishes and glassware in your kitchen, while keeping your hands from being in the water the whole time. It works beautifully with our Solid Dish Soap! It’s durable and soft, plus will likely outlast your non-recyclable sponges. It’s surprising how useful it is for cleaning tough stuff, but also the long handle helps get into tall mason jars and glasses with ease.

Use Tips: Rinse your dish mop thoroughly after use, and allow to air dry. Keep wood handle from having extended exposure to bleach products.


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Dish Mop Care

  • Measurements: 10″ length, diameter .5″ – Mop head 3.5″ length when dry
  • For deep cleaning of your soiled brush: Soak briefly (a few minutes) in boiling, soapy water or vinegar occasionally to remove any build up of bacteria-causing odors. Air dry between use to extend life of wood.
  • Rinse dish mop thoroughly after use, and keep wood handle from having extended exposure to bleach products.
Weight 6 oz

3 reviews for Cotton Dish Mop

  1. David L.

    Glad to support small businesses. The products were great and delivery was prompt.

  2. Helen

    It’s larger than I was expecting. For my simple dishwashing, a mop about 3/4 this size would be better. But I will use the ones I bought and maybe grow to live them better.

  3. Heather Halloran

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